MET has a notable twenty-year business track record

MET's average customer engagement spans seven years.

MET's key staff possess 80+ years of exceptional managerial experience

​MET has received customer recognition in numerous articles & publications.

MET is a small DBE and M/WBE certified corporation

MET's size, diverse staff, flexibility and resourcefulness insure customer service excellence.

MET's Advantage


Management and Environmental Technologies, Inc. is a full service Management Consulting firm providing services to the public and private sectors.  Founded in 1993, the firm focuses on customer service excellence dedicated to customized solutions using best practices and  evidence based problem solving approaches. MET's customers include state, local, federal and private sector organizations. We provide Management Design Support, Administrative  and General Management Consulting, Public Relations, and Administrative Office services that bridge the gap between reliable strategies, evidence based practices, and customized services needed to effectively achieve new paradigms for change. 


Bridging the Gap


Management & Environmental Technologies, Inc.