MET's Goal

MET is a professional consulting firm in business for over 20 years with a primary goal to provide cost effective customer service excellence and evidence based management, administrative, public relations and training service to diverse groups, cultures, localities and regions which bridge essential gaps in project planning, program implementation, collaboration, coordination and quality control project oversight targeted to Transportation and Construction Industry related clients.

MET services

Specific MET services include but are not limited to strategic management planning, design/ engineering management support, Office Administrative Services, Public Relations Outreach, Public Meeting and Environmental Scan Facilitations, Mediation and Project Coordination.

MET's Mission is to provide solution driven Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services, Public Relations, and Office Administrative Services using best practice/evidence based project coordination and implementation approaches.


Management and Environmental Technologies has well over 50 years of Administrative experience between it's consultants. Through experienced consultants representing diverse backgrounds and cultures, MET, Inc. provides the skills needed to assist private for profit and non-profit organizations become viable contributors to the economic stability of the community and toward their own economic sustainability.

Additionally, MET, Inc.'s extensive experience in the public sector enables it to provide consultant services for local state, and federal government agencies.

Dr. Brenda K. Mitchell

President & CEO

  With her doctorate degree in Public Administration Dr. Mitchell brings to MET, Inc. vast experience in government and Private Sector management. As Secretary of the Commonwealth  of PA, Deputy Secretary of PA Department of Commerce, and Business Manager, Control Data and City Venture corporations, she managed  budgets of over $22 million and a staff of 370. She has been repeatedly commended and rewarded for fulfilling industry specific goals and objectives, on time and within budget. 

Kenneth J. Dunkley

Vice-President & Sr. Technology Manager

        Mr. Dunkley has a Master's Degree in Physics, taught college level science & physics, managed the home sales office of Princeton Applied Research Corp. and Princeton Instruments, Inc. and directed Pennsylvania state technology contracts and proposals. His formal technical background includes electro-optics, lasers, spectroscopy, holography, computers, and data communications. In addition to a background in nanotechnology education, Mr. Dunkley is an experienced Microsoft and Robotics applications trainer.

Corrie N. Mitchell

Vice-President and Co-Founder

 Mr. Mitchell is responsible for internal financial management   and financial analysis for  corporate and  customer accounts. His experience spans entities such as General Electric Corporation  Department of Military and Data Systems Operations in addition to public and private finance and investment entities. He attended Johns Hopkins University and engaged in studies at Penn State, and St. Joseph's Universities. In addition to business and finance, he is experienced in real estate management. 

MET's Mission

The most important thing is to define your goals

Principal Profiles

Dr. Brenda K. Mitchell, President & CEO.

Management & Environmental Technologies, Inc.